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So..I kinda took a break from the blogging so that I could learn more and speak more intelligently about what I’m actually writing about.   I have also polled some people and asked how they would like to learn about essential oils.   Turns out.. people would like to know the Issues that oils help and what oils help it more so than individual oils… go figure!  I wouldn’t have guessed it but as stated in the beginning… its a journey. So let’s start today with ACNE

Acne is something most people characterize with the puberty of adolescents and though this is true, many adults suffer from chronic acne, adult onset acne and the general pimple and blackhead issues of everyday living.

I am connected with so for more information you can go to that website and there is a multitude of information on each oil I am going to talk about.  If for informational purposes only.. the website is a wealth of knowledge.  I believe every oil MLM has their own blend for acne so if you have a preference for companies, please ask your consultant or feel free to try mine 🙂

Simply Aroma has a blend, Claire


As you can see Claire is a mix of several single oils which makes for easier use.   Prior to knowing about Claire, I mixed lavender and tea tree oil with a carrier oil and though it worked just fine, having it all in one bottle is also convenient.

The single oils however have their own merit.  Lavender is great for all kinds of things.  It is often considered the “GO TO” oil because it has so many other uses.   Lavender is a key element in many blends for relaxation, headaches, pain, wound healing and the list goes on and on.  The smell is appealing and many people diffuse it just for the smell alone.

Tea tree oil (though not a fan of the smell) is also another additive in many blends involving the skin.   It also has antibacterial properties like lavender and has been used to help with not just acne but aids in wart removal, dandruff, wounds, corns and calluses and poison ivy.   Tea tree is mostly associated with skin ailments and injuries.

I have used and have many testimonials about all of these oils from everything from acne help, itching and relaxation.

If you have used any or all of these oils in relationship to the skin.. please comment below as I am always looking to add to my educational cache.

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