Who know’s what to do?

So many people purchase essential oils and then they sit and sit and sit because they just don’t know what to do with them.   The intention was there to be healthier, or to learn more, but… it just didn’t happen.   I often offer recipes on my website www.facebook.com/livingessentialsaroma  but many people are either afraid to try or really would like someone to show them.. one on one.   Getting people together in a party setting is getting harder and harder and in the age of the internet, many people buy everything online so its even worse as they don’t get the personal attention they need or to touch or feel or smell the product.   I am working on the concept of making customizable lotions, shampoos, oils, body butters etc to take the work out of it for my customers.  I am working with another company to get this done for the purest and safest oils, lotions etc to add the oils to and name them specifically for the customer.   I think this will be a better way to get people to use their oils as intended without letting their hard earned money fly out the window.

Having said all that… if you have any feedback on this concept, please let me know I welcome any feedback while in the development phase of this endeavor

Living and Learning,



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