Grapefruit Oil

grapefruitinfographicWhile on the Citrus kick with Wild Orange Oil.. I figured I would just roll into another citrus with Grapefruit oil.

I have what I can only describe as an obsession with learning as much as i can about essential oils, not only because they are rich in history, but as a clinical medical professional… I believe in integration and as a massage therapy student, I have witnessed the positive affects.. but I digress

As you can see by the picture (courtesy of Organic Facts) Grapefruit oil has many benefits.

Like the other citrus oils, it is a stress reliever and mood brightener, boosts the immune system with enabling healthy lymph function, good cleaning agent/disinfectant (for both house cleaning and wound cleaning), skin care benefits and muscle benefits.   The tricky almost contradictory portion of this picture is.. that is increases appetite… however it is also used to remove excess water and toxins promoting weight loss… grapefruit is often used in collaboration with other citrus oils to promote weight loss.

Like the other citrus oils, it is photosensitive so use caution when applying to skin that will be exposed to the sun.

The vast benefits of grapefruit oils boggles my mind, I will list some of the most popular uses and how to use it for those specific things.

Addiction-   Grapefruit oil aroma (diffused or inhaled) can help calm cravings of all sorts, food cravings, cigarettes, alcohol etc.  You get the point.   It is true that though citrus oils uplift the mood and increase positive emotions and energy levels, it also calms the nervous system reducing those cravings.   I add grapefruit, orange and lemon oils to my water to decrease sugar cravings… and it works!!!

Cellulite- Mixing 1-2 drops of grapefruit oil in a coconut oil and massaging in a kneading pattern every day will decrease the appearance of cellulite.   It is said that citrus oils help to metabolize fat collections.. which would make sense for this use.  I have known people who make a scrub with grapefruit for just this purpose.

Dry or itchy throat-   Grapefruit is known for its antiseptic properties as well so putting a drop into some water to gargle would be beneficial for any oncoming issues in the throat, adding a little coconut oil to the mix would create a lubricant for the dry scratchy feeling as well.

Fluid retention/edema-  mixing 1-2 drops with coconut oil and massaging towards the heart will help with this problem.  As stated above, grapefruit is good for removing excess water from your system.  Adding a drop to water you are drinking will do the same thing.

Adding a drop to water also helps with jet lag and hangovers and applying to the soles of the feet as proven beneficial for these issues as well as a boost to help with other issues listed here.

For kidney, liver and lymphatic support or cleansing, you would add to an unscented lotion or coconut oil and massage the lower abdomen and lower back for the kidneys, for the liver massage directly over the liver area and for the lymph system start with feet and hands and massage towards the heart

There are many more ways to use grapefruit oils.. adding to bath for de-stressing,  relieves PMS symptoms by massaging onto the abdomen and the list goes on and on

Grapefruit oil is also used a lot in blends for migraines caused by stress, weight management and digestive difficulties.

Grapefruit oil is said to not interfere with any prescriptions you are taking, however as always, bring it up to your doctor and do some research.

As always, post how you use grapefruit oil in your daily life.

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