Wild Orange Oil

This oil is one of my new favorite oils.  I have been adding it to my water to help me drink more water, and have been finding now only do I drink more water but it reduced my sugar cravings.   This totally makes sense to me once I researched it.   1 drop of Orange oil is equal to approximately 1 lb of oranges… I wouldn’t attempt to eat a pound of oranges every time I drank a glass of water but, it turns out, i’m getting all the good stuff from oranges without the sugar which is an added bonus.

Wild Orange is said to have stronger properties that sweet orange or regular orange essential oils but all of the essential orange oils have similar properties.

According to Modern Essentials, wild orange is considered to be an anti-depressant (mood elevator), antiseptic, antispasmodic, helpful for digestion and has fat metabolizing properties that go along with digestion.

One thing about all of the citrus oils in using with the skin is that they are photosensitive… or basically react to the sun and cause blotchiness but if applied out of the suns rays (this can be for 12 hours after use, so use in areas not exposed to sun or use at night) can be very beneficial for the skin and digestive tract…

Usually orange is used for its emotional properties, lets face it the smell of orange brightens the moment, so it is often used in cleaning products, in diffusers and in skin products.   Lifting a mood can open up the more productive channels of your brain allowing you to get out of a rut and focus as well.

So  here is a use breakdown-

Anxiety – it has been tested that if you rub some orange oil between your hands and then smell your hands, it creates a calm for your nervous system slowing down your anxiety reactions.   Aromatically, the calming properties are endless when used in a diffuser, or as a car air freshener…

I’ve never tried this next one myself but i have seen it listed over and over as a use for orange oils… and that is for confidence.  It is stated that if you rub a few drops onto your stomach prior to any situation requiring confidence, that it will help you.

Constipation-  mixing 2 drops of orange essential oil with 2 drops of coconut oils in a circular pattern over your abdomen 2 times a day will help with constipation.  … and if diarrhea is an issue do the same thing in a counter circular fashion

Heart palpitations- (benign)  diffusing orange oil can help with calming down the heart but also putting a few drops of orange oil on your chest helps the nervous system normalize reducing the added impulses to the heart causing palpitations

As you know the vitamin C in citrus aids in immune support for combatting colds and such, diffusing orange oil in your house has the same effect.

During menopause, orange has been found to help with regulation of hormones by putting 1-2 drops at the base of the neck and front of the neck.   You can also mix orange and peppermint oils to help with hot flashes, though on a personal level, i used yam extract which was amazing for hot flashes.

I have also read, and experienced that mixing orange, lemon and grapefruit essential oils help with weight loss through metabolizing fat better and it is also know to be mixed with lemongrass oil to help lower cholesterol.

I’m not a doctor obviously so if you are using essential oils to treat a medical condition, please do your research and bring it up to your doctor.

Please post how you use orange oil in your life

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