Funny what you didn’t know you knew

Funny how you didn’t know you knew things…. I know this sounds like a funny statement, but this is where I am in my Journey to Essential Oils.   Its strange to me, how some things just keep coming back to us as if nudging us to rediscover, or pay attention to it.   I’m not a huge proponent of “fate” so to speak, but call it coincidence or what you will…Essential oil keeps nudging me

I grew up in a country family of a mix of clinical medical practitioners and homeopathic practitioners and chiropractors… and then my grandma.   Now Grandma was the one who had all the home remedies, which I didn’t know at the time, were basically my first taste of essential oils.   We grew up with a clear understanding that integrated medicine was not only practical but beneficial.   I trusted and adopted many of my Grandma’s “home remedies” as my own and practiced them my whole life, not really thinking it was Essential Oils.   How does that happen???  We used sweet oil for ear aches, lavender for scrapes, headaches and sunburn, peppermint for stomach problems along with “flat coke” and the list goes on and on.   As part of my normal life, I just used what I knew as I always had and continued on.

Now… fast forward to 20 years ago, when I had my first massage experience when my massage therapist sat me down with a box of oils and a bowl of coffee beans and told me to take my time, smell the oils, cleanse my nose with the coffee beans and then pick three that appeal to me… this was hands down the beginning of my interest in essential oils for aromatherapy purposes.  I delved into what smells made me feel a certain way and how I could use candles to adapt and shape my moods and emotions and I was hooked on candles.   I came to find that these smells evoked memories and created a sense of safety through my candles.  The connection between smells and memories, moods and emotions is really a strong one.   Think about what your favorite smell is and I can almost count on the fact that there is a memory attached to it.   Just like driving along and hearing a song on the radio and it reminding you of something that was in your past whether that was a good memory or a bad one.  Our minds connect our special senses (sight, hearing, smell and touch) with all kinds of memories and we expand upon those by either pulling them closer to us by surrounding ourselves by these things or distancing ourselves from them.   Either way, we can’t deny the connections to sights, sounds, smells and feeling that evoke memories for us.   Again.. I sort of digressed….

I am in fact a clinical medical professional, I teach clinical medical classes and though homeopathic medicine has come a long way in the past 10 years with integrating into the clinical medical genre, there is still a long way to go.   I kept feeling as if I was missing the boat with the homeopathic/natural avenues of medicine and was doing a disservice to my students by not knowing more about natural means of treatments.   So… I started taking the massage therapy licensing classes.   During this process, I was re-introduced to the value of smells and uses for essential oils to not only set the mood during massage but to also help with different issues of the body while doing massage.   I used various oils to keep the client from developing sinus issues while in the prone position to start my massages, and then added oils to their massage creams to work for various issues that they may be having, everything from muscle soreness to headaches to joint problems and so on.   From there, I started wanting to know more, now like I said, I have used various oils throughout my whole like, I’ve treated my husbands headaches with lavender, his earaches with sweet oils, we have kept toothaches at bay till a dentist could see us with clove oil and yet… I still didn’t realize I was using aromatherapy/essential oils… I’m not a someone who usually misses such obvious things, but I guess when it is part of  your life as a regular thing, you just don’t think of it as anything but a standard for what has been taught to you.

I started taking free webinars and classes anywhere and everywhere I could just to find out as much as I could, I went to every direct marketing party with essential oils I was invited to just to get more information, and… I researched and researched, and researched.

Though I already knew that the things my grandmas taught me were tried and true, I have since found out the reasons why they work and what else they work for.

Don’t get me wrong, the clinical medical professional in me, still believes that medicines are important but the other side of my upbringing reminds me that all medicines were based upon essential oils and plants since long before the synthetic versions were brought to be.   I believe that if you are going to use essential oils that you should be informing your doctor as to the what, but how much and for what you are using them for as to not cause any adverse reactions and possible over consumption.

In my following blogs, I will be putting down the individual uses and benefits of essential oils from the research I have done and hopefully we will be able to continue the Journey to Essential Oils together.

Please  feel free to comment on your experiences with essential oils in the comment section of this blog.

Living and Learning



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